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Fingerprint/Contact IC card handheld Reader

Fingerprint/Contact IC card handheld Reader
Product Detailed

Fingerprint Handheld Reader:
1. most userfriendly biometric terminal
2. DIY handset terminal
3. support GPRS

Fingerprint Handheld Reader


Main Applications:
Candidates identity-confirmation; Drivers identification; Attendance management; Drivers transgress management; Military, prisons, airports and other important occasions access management; VIP management; Security documents, such as passports, driver's license, ID cards, diplomas, etc.; Financial security transport; Escorting weapons; Credit consumption identification.


Characters & Extending Functions:
1. Support 1:1or 1:N spot fingerprint match mode.
2. Support contact smart cards in accordance with ISO7816
3. (Optional) Support contactless smart cards in accordance with ISO14443 type A/B, such as Mifare series Ultralight, Mifare1(S50), Mifare4(S70), MifarePro, DESfire and so on.
4. (Optional) Support tags in accordance with ISO15693, such as I-CODE2 series of Philips, and Tag-it of TI, PicoTag of INSIDE.
5. (Optional) A standard SAM socket,support contact smart cards in accordance with ISO7816


Combination Application:
1. Support contact smart cards in accordance with ISO 7816
2. SAM safety management module
3. Read/write cards or RFID module in accordance with ISO14443A/B or ISO15693 (such as     Mifare series,Desfire,I-code2or Tag-it and so on.)
4. Fingerprint module


Specification Parameters:

Processor: 32-bit CPU

Memory: Flash Memory:16Mbit(can be extended to 32Mbit or 64Mbit), DRAM:16Mbit

Display: 128*64 dot, EL backlight, 8*4lines Chinese characters(16*8lines western characters), one line icons

Keypad: 16 keys with backlight, one jog dialer

IC card Interface: 1 outlay interface, support RS-232 serial, 1 IrDA interface

Battery System: 850mAH recharge lithium battery, and a button battery fixed in main board to keep the clock

Quiver Function: NO

Buzzer: Yes

Working Temperature: -20C~50C

Relatively Humidity: 45%RH~85%RH(no coagulate dew)

Power: Average <0.5W,max<3.5W 

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